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The time we’ve been together to each member.  


We started in the summer. We had very hard time. Now I stuided hard. When I met this class I have get lucky. In the future I can speak English. I will use in my company. I have right study way. I think very thanks to my classmate 7th. They are very kindly and good persons. I think very thanks Will teacher ,Michelle, Betty and Judy. My classmates are good person. Although they are very busy day. Nevertheless we study. I hope this relationship persist. when we finished this class. How can we connect with classmates persist? I learned many things. I have confidence about English. English is not difficult. English is easy and funny.


데이빗 : You are very friendly. You are a good boy. I am lucky to know you.

앨리스 : Your heart is very warm and you are a good girl.   (Many thanks. 나미아잡화점book is good emotion to me.thanks present.)

(You could put - Thank you for sending the book.  What a lovely present!)

빅엉클 : You are many-talented.  I respect you.   Thanks for your encouragement.  (+ I appreciate your kindness)

클레어 : You are a friendly girl.  You speak very well and make me feel comfortable (or relaxed).

에스더 : You are so pretty and quiet (gentle / lovely?)  In the future we will (continue to)study English (together).

제임스 : You are good person and your voice is lovely.  I envy you.  Thanks a lot (for everything).


Every day I have studied hard at home.  The skype class has been a new experience.  I have met a lot of people and it has been amazing!

크리스 Congratulations on your wedding! I hope you will be happy with your wife and in life. 데이빗 and 엘리스 . Please invite me, ok? A sun cruise party is good and fireworks are fantastic. Korean volunteers are amazing. I met my children’s English teacher there so we will meet often. When I have finished this class I will teach my children. I learned many useful ways and I can do it, I know. 3 months is not a short time and I will persist during this period. It’s good and you are too. I will have another event. I have confidence. BGIU is very useful so I will read every day. It’s a good habit. Now I think English is a very familiar good habit. Today I learned a new way; write and modify. It’s a good way. I thank everybody. Money is not important, but people are. When I meet a good person I am impressed and I change. I can do it. Frank, you are very strong, so you can do it as well. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be shy. Cheer up and fight. Chin up! You’ll be happy and successful. Thanks to my family. Thanks to my wife and my children, Yuna and Taehwan. Lastly, my mother. Now there is just one week. Time goes so fast. Wow! Good luck!


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