git 초기 설정하고 파일 add,commit 하기


Hello! I'm Frank, a server engineer.
Today, we're going to learn a little about git.
First, let's run git bash.
We'll create a new directory called git_test.
Move to the git_test directory.
Run git init.
A new folder named ".git" will be created.
Let's check the .git directory.
When using git, we need to set our default name and email address.
Let's clear the screen.
Next, create a file called "1.txt".
After inputting some content, quit.
Use the command git add to add the file.
Check the added file.
Then, you'll need to run the commit command to store it in your repository.
Confirm all the content you have committed.
That's all for today's lesson.
Thanks for watching and have a fantastic day!



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  1. Frank
    power point add on 해서 해 봤습니다.
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