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  1. Frank
    We’re uploading this video because the company VAYAMA is not recognizing that there is an error from their end.
    First of all, we’ve had a lot of difficulties finding the contact information in their website and the ways to contact the company in case of emergency is very limited.
    Once we send an email, we needed to wait more than a day to receive a response. By phone, the waiting time to be connected to a call center agent was on average 20 minutes.
    Talking through the phne, we were faced with several occasions where the call center agent would hang up the call on purpose without giving us the answer we were looking for. When this happened, we needed to explain everything all over again to a new call center agent. We even recorded every call in a video like how we are doing now, because of how unkind their customer service was.

    Being a company that deals with services that need urgent care, like modifying or cancelling the time of a plane ticket, we think it is necessary for the company to correct this.

    It’s been a week since we requested VAYAMA for the cancellation of our plane tickets. And we’ve been on the phone for over two hours every day.
    We spoke to 3 different call center agents every day but none of them have been able to solve this problem.
    Some of them even blamed us for the problem we were having with the payment website, that they didn’t have any problem with the site from their side. They even asked us for our credit card information through the phone, saying that they would help pay the penalty fee manually. So we cannot trust the call agent workers, because they lied to us in this respect. So, it is not that we cannot trust the company or all the call center agents. We are just afraid that our card details could be misused by one of the call center agents.
    Thankfully, other agents accepted that there was a problem and resent us the payment link again but, as happened today, there is still an error in the payment website.

    Our flight was booked for tomorrow, and they told us that we wouldn’t be able to have our money refunded if we didn’t pay the penalty fee before the day of our flight.
    It’s not that we are not willing to pay the penalty fee. We want to pay the fee to get our money back but we are unable to do that because of a problem from their side. So, we believe that blaming us and making this our loss is a very rude way to treat a customer.
    Again, we’re asking VAYAMA, again we want to pay the penalty and get our money back. So, send us a payment website or link that works. If there really is no problem that you can confirm, then send us a screenshot of the website working.

    I am a medical student in the Catholic University of Chile and my father is a CTO with more than 25 years of experience. I was in evaluation week while trying to solve this problem and ended up exhausted and couldn’t spend the time i needed for my studies, so my school work got affected as a result. My university friends know about this as well. And my father also had to spend a lot of his time due to this inconvenience.
    Until Vayama takes responsability of what is happening and this problem is solved, we plan to continue recording videos showing all the problems we are facing during the process.
    We hope that Vayama becomes a global company that respects the clients and provides the best services available.
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