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Some great advice for English learners:
Many people here have trouble getting responses from English speakers. This is because we often get many messages, so the best way to get a response is a good self-introduction. Also, before asking a bunch of questions, read the persons self-introduction on their profile page. Then you can ask questions about their self-introduction.
Often, the first message I receive from people is: (Please don’t start a conversation like this!)
>Please teach me English!
>Please help me!
>Where are you from?
>Do you have We>>>>Chat?
>Are you a teacher?
All of this information is available in my introduction on my profile page.

In English, even though 'hello' is a basic greeting, it's not a good way to start a conversation with a stranger.
For example:

A: Hello.
B: Hey.
A: How are you?
B: I'm good, how about you?
A: I'm good too, please teach me English.
Awkward conversation!

The problem in this scenario is that “A” hasn't told “B” who they are or shown any interest in “B” as a person, so “B” doesn't feel comfortable.

A good greeting is to briefly explain who you are and show some interest in your partner by talking about something related to them such as their biography or their country.
For example:

A: Hello “B”, I'm “A”, nice to meet you. I saw you're from America and I really like your country! I'm learning English because I love American movies and I'd love to visit New York next year.
B: Hey “A”, nice to meet you too. What's your favorite American movie? I love "Forrest Gump", have you seen it?
Natural conversation.....

In that example, even though “A” and “B” just met, they can have an easy conversation because “A” introduced themselves.
This is important when talking to someone for the first time in English, as it helps the other person to understand who you are and makes them feel more comfortable.
Give this a try and see what happens!


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