[Todd English Teacher]


Types of sleep- You can describe the way someone sleeps in the following terms.

>Deep sleep
Meaning: profound sleep (or slow wave sleep), people have trouble waking up. 
Example: I was in such a deep sleep; I didn’t even hear my alarm go off.

>Heavy sleeper
Meaning: someone who does not awake easily, even to loud noises
Example: My grandpa is a heavy sleeper. He doesn’t even wake up when we play loud music.

>Restless sleep
Meaning: moves a lot while sleeping, never still while sleeping
Example: My husband moves around the bed all night long. He is a restless sleeper.

>Light sleeper
Meaning: is easily woken up by any small sound
Example: Emily is a light sleeper. If she hears any noises, she wakes up right away.


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