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How To Talk About Sleep In English

What do you do for approximately 33% of your life? SLEEP!

Sleep Vocabulary.....
>Wake up
Meaning: arise from sleeping, awaken
Example: I woke up at 7am this morning.

>Take a nap
Meaning: sleep for a short time, usually during the middle of the day
Example: My friend Emma takes a nap every afternoon.

>Go to sleep/fall asleep
Meaning: change from being awake to sleeping 
Example: Last night I went to sleep at 10pm.

>Sleep in
Meaning: Sleep later than usual/normal
Example: I am so excited that I get to sleep in tomorrow.

>Stay up late
Meaning: not go to bed at normal time, go to bed later than usual
Example: I stayed up late last night. I was busy working online and couldn’t go to bed very early!

Meaning: to sleep longer or later than you planned/intended
Example: I missed my ride this morning because I overslept.


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