Angular 로그인 페이지 적용

Angular 로그인 페이지 적용 005

"resource": "/g:/byoungguk_github/Angular_Go/Fuse-v11.0.0-demo/src/app/main/pages/authentication/register/register.component.html",
"owner": "_generated_diagnostic_collection_name_#0",
"severity": 8,
"message": "There is no directive with \"exportAs\" set to \"ngModel\"",
"source": "ng",
"startLineNumber": 20,
"startColumn": 21,
"endLineNumber": 20,
"endColumn": 42
Error: NG0301: Export of name 'ngModel' not found!
auth.module.ts 에 아래 부분 추가해야 함.
// add
import { MatButtonModule } from '@angular/material/button';
import { MatCheckboxModule } from '@angular/material/checkbox';
import { MatFormFieldModule } from '@angular/material/form-field';
import { MatIconModule } from '@angular/material/icon';
import { MatInputModule } from '@angular/material/input';





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