Natural Korean For English.

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Natural Korean For English.

Welcome! 어서와요!

I am Taehee Kim. 저는 김태희金泰熙에요. May you already met me at tandem or Duolingo, or Not. 이미 저를 탄뎀이나 듀오링고에서 만났을 수도 있고, 아닐 수도 있겠죠.

It's not important. Anyway I will help you to learn the languague with real진짜 korean culture. In order to become fluent in a languague, It is better to listen(read) and speak(write) natural자연스러운 phrases more than just studying grammar문법.

Korean is a contextual languague. You have to study it in the context. Not just memorize word's translation. Even a simple korean sentence have rich meanings.

First먼저 You must know how to read hangul한글. If you don't I recommend this video. There is also a comic about hangul [Learn to read korean in 15minutes]

If you just want to study words and grammars, there are good free lesssons. They teach 한글 too.

Memrise for english, 日本語, 中文, spanish, arabic, portuguese, indonesian, russian, french, german, turkish, vietnamese

Drops for english, 日本語, 中文, spanish, hindi, arabic, portuguese, indonesian, russian, french, german, turkish, vietnamese

세종 한국어(for english, 日本語, 中, spanish)

Duolingo korean for english and 中文 speaker course.

TTMIK(Talk To Me In Korean) and their flash cards... essential grammar lesson series. for english

Korean from Zero for english

I'll show you korean stories이야기 from real life. From talking대화 with korean at Tandem탄뎀, to korean's daily life. It is still useful you want just to talk online or listen to BTS's music노래, watch Kdramas드라마 or travel여행, not to live in korea forever영원히... :) Also I'll give you translation, meaning of words단어, nuance, pronunciation발음, grammar you need at that time. There are tests for you too.

But You don't have to memorise all of them. It's not a school. You may learn korean to have fun, not to work! You can study piece by piece. I recommend you a lesson for a day, a topic for a week. For example You can practice pronunciation (lesson0 of first topic) Today. Then you will practice greeting in various situations (Lesson1 of first topic) Tomorrow.

When you enjoy learning, It will be more fun. So You can keep learning.

Let us just begin!


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