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Timing Gamma-ray Spectroscopy Analysis

This chapter is about the analysis on timing gamma-ray spectroscopy.

It is dedicated fot beta-delayed gamma-ray spectroscopy.

1. load *.mat data file for t-gamma correlated matrix.

2. set the axis for time at Axis for the time. In this manual, as you see, the time axis is x-axis.

3. put start value and end value of timing cut condition.

In this case, 0 and 500 are values.

4. press TIME GATE and check the result in T.Gated Spectrum tab.

The output file is saved as:

5. if you want to compare spectra with different timing cut, set start and end values for 1st and 2nd spectrum on the right side.

0, 500 for 1st spectrum and 0, 100 for 2nd spectrum in this case.

6. press TIME DIFF button to get the result on th bottom.


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