KAIST Mobile Software Project - Drone Heliport Platform

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1. Selection of Drone model and purchasing the components

* The consideration for selecting model of Drone Flight Controller

1. Whether it supports Open source for Flight Controller(FC)

     => FC should supports open source for controlling drone. The source code can be modified and re-build without any problem.(This is the most important.)

2. Whether it supports the interface for external communication like a UART.

     => It should support connection and communication between FC and raspberrypi board.(Important)

3. Price - School supports only small money.

     => The price of all drone components is ten million twenty thousand won. 

          Remote controller supporting 2.4Ghz 9ch is three million ninety thouand won.



4. Controlling Drone should be easy.

    => Basically Drone should be easliy controllable to do hovering in the fixed position.

         Without this skill, we could not continue this project. 

         For improving control skill, we purchased controller simulator and have practiced much.


In the Drone market, there are three major manufacturers. Parrot(EU), DJI(Chania), 3D Robotics(USA).

All of them supports open source but take a little different direction to the Drone market.

Parrot supportㄴ easy control of Drone. People plays with it as a just Toy. 

DJI products has low price because of producing by china. It looks for advanced and supports open source but there are only few documents and not many users who are using that. Therefore there are no references. 

Finally, we selected PixHawk of 3D Robotics.  It supports Open source very weel and there are rich documents and guidelines.




* The list of purchased components

1.Flight Frame : S500 PCB Carbon Fiber Four Axis Qudcopter Frame



2. Flight Controller, Telemetry, Power module, GPS-COMPASS sensor module  Pixhawk PX4 2.4.6 32bit Flight Controller & Led & NEO-M8N GPS & Power Module/PM/PPM/OSD/3DR 915Mhz/USB Data Cable 


3. Motor and transmission

    * Motor : 4PCS SUNNYSKY X2212 980KV 


    * Transmission : HobbyWing sky walker 40A-ubec ESC



4. Battery : ZIPPY 5000 mAh (Li-Polymer)



5. Charger :  [HobbyKing]HobbyKing Hobbyking? T682 AC 6s 10A 90W Eco Touch Balance Charger/Discharger



6. Rmote Controller : Groupner T9(MZ18) 9ch TFT LCD TR Set(HOTT/4096Res.)


All price of the components is very expensive...it is too sad.


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