Natural Korean For English.

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Topic3 "Have you seen [사랑의 불시착] 봤어요?"

When korean teach you korean in english. You can have a question about Style체, 말투. Maybe You already이미 have heard that Korean has two ways to speak. 존대말 / 반말. In this Lesson. I will explain설명 you about korean styles as much as you need now.


Today's conversation

1. 태희씨는 한국 드라마 [사랑의 불시착]을 봤어요? Have you seen the Kdrama[Crash landing on you]?

  • 봤다 / 봤어요 = have seen, saw

2. (저는) 아직 (그 드라마를) 안 봤어요. I haven't seen it yet.

  • 아직 = yet
  • 안 봤어요 = haven't seen, didn't see

3. 어? 저 한국 드라마에서 봤는데, 누가 "감사합니다"라고 말했어요. Uh? As i watched in a Kdrama, someone said "thank you."

  • ~에서 = from ~, in ~
  • 봤는데 = As I watched...
  • 어? = Uh?
  • 누가 = someone
  • ~라고 말했어요. said that ~

4. "감사합니다"와 "감사해요"는 뭐가 다르죠? What is the difference between 감사합니다 with 감사해요?

  • A와 B는 뭐가 다르죠? What is the difference between A with B


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