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Lesson4 ~하는 것 vs ~하기

Lesson4 ~하는 것 vs ~하기

As the previous topic, I said that we usually avoid to use "~하는 것", instead we like to use "~하기"


  • read 읽어요 => reading 읽기
  • listen to 들어요 => listening 듣기
  • watch a movie 영화를 보아요 => watching movies 영화를 보기

But the meanings of them are not the same. ~하는 것 can also mean "the thing or person which or who you do~"


  • 좋아해요 => (제가) 좋아하는~ = ~ which I like
    • (제가) 좋아하는 것 = the things I like
    • Natural but... (제가)  좋아하는 영화는 어벤저스에요. = the movies I like is Avengers.
    • More Natural 영화는 어벤저스 좋아해요. I like avengers.
  • 들어요 listen to => 듣는 = listening, which I listen to
    • ​두산이 읽는 것 = the things Duŝan read (두산Duŝan is a real person's name I met, also name of a company of korea)
    • Natural but... 밍이 듣는 노래는 Girls like you에요. = the songs Ming listens to is Girls like you. (Ming is also a real person's name)
    • More Natural Girls like you라는 노래를 들어요. She listens to the song, Girls like you.

You may don't understand the use of ~이/가. These are similar to ~은/~는 as a mark for Subject of the sentence. But as i said, even korean usually can't explain the diffrence of them. It's delicate and fine, but important. I will teach you later. Now just accept and pass it please.


"~하는 것을" can be shortened to "~하는 걸" like 뭐를 => 뭘. Omit the "을/를", the marks for Object in sentence. Korean love to shorten and omit words!


  • 읽어요. read => 읽는 = reading, which i read
  • 보아요 watch, see => 보는 = watching, which I watch
  • (저는) sometime 책을 읽는 것을 좋아해요.
    • => Natural but... 책 읽는 걸 좋아해요. I like reading books.
    • => Natural 책 읽는 거 좋아해요. I like reading books.
  •  sometime 지완씨는 영화를 보는 것을 좋아해요.
    • => Natural but 지완씨는 영화 보는 걸 좋아해요. Jiwan likes watching movies.
    • => Natural 지완씨 영화 보는 거 좋아해요. Jiwan likes watching movies.



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