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You 너, 당신, she그녀 ,he그

  • 너, 당신 literally means you. But...
    • 너 is friendly but very very rude to Superior Like your parents, boss, the president of korea, older, even market's clerks you don't know their name. etc.
    • But 당신 is polite in the past.
      • Natural "저는 당신을 사랑해요. I love you."
      • Natural 당신은 누구입니까? = 당신은 누구죠? Who are you?
        • (in 합니다style. I will explain it later)
    • 당신 is still used often in written korean like book or ad.
      • Natural 이 책을 읽는 당신에게 할 말이 있다. I have something to say to you reading this book.
      • Natural 당신도 한국어 잘 할 수 있다! Also You can speak korean well! (in ad)
    • But recently some korean regard them both rude. Especially in spoken korean. They even believe that you are looking down on them.
      • Natural... 어떻게 네가 감히 나를 당신이라고 불러! How dare you call me 당신!
        • I often hear it when some people dispute each other.
    • You can use it your inferior.
      • Natural 누나가 너한테 줄 게 있어. I have a gift for you. (in orphanag, a student volunteer to a younger boy)
  • Korean avoid to use "she그녀" or "he그". It's too abstract and not friendly. It doesn't express the relationship between you and she or he. Koreans believe that It is important.
    • you can see them more often in written korean. 
      • Natural 는 알지 못했다. He didn't know. (from a novel)
      • Natural 끔찍한 운명이 그녀를 기다리고 있었다. A terrible fate was waiting for her. (from a novel)
    • In fact we started to use 그/그녀 to translate he/she from english. In the past there was only "그" for both he and she. ​But korean have been influenced by english. Someone use them. But most not.
  • 저 여자, 저 남자.
    • I can show you real contexts Where korean use "저 여자". I just searched the internet.
    • 죄 없는 자만이 (간통을 한) 저 여자를 돌로 쳐라. Only the innocent shall stone her (who is unfaithful)
    • (행사장에서 소란을 피우는) 저 여자 누구야? Who is she? (who disturb the event)
    • 저 여자 예쁜데? She's pretty? (by a rude man in a club)
    • 저 여자 좀 치워! Get rid of her! (by a arsonist, according to a news)
    • 범인은 저 여자에요! The criminal is her!
    • 저 여자 이상해. She's weird.


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