Natural Korean For English.

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Topic4 Korean Survival Kit for Tandem. Les us talk!

How can we have and keep a real talk? As we wrote on profile. Not ㄱㄴㄷ...

How you don't die under tons of words and grammars, pronunciations... etc.

Today I will tell you the secret.


Rule1. Just talk. Start simple as you want.

You are even a beginner, can speak. What's the key? Start Simple. You can still express various meaning with a handful grammar. You can find words in a dictionary.

Example step1

Imagine. You want to say

  • "While you are riding a bicycle, you are certain to discover new streets and different views of the capital."

in korean. Haha... I took it from my english textbook. But If you don't know how to translate "while~" to korean... What to do?

You can adapt them to simple sentences which you can say in korean.

  • "You ride a bike in the capital. You discover new street. And you discover different views."

The meaning is slightly diffrent. But You got it!

Now you need only some korean words.


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