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lesson0 Pronounce korean easier

Lesson0 easy to pronounce but hard to understand...

Korean's pronunciation is diffrent from as written. Koreans change it to pronouce easily. There are some pronunciation rule.

Most common and usuful rule is this.

The 받침 final consonant끝 소리 take the empty place of vowel "ㅇ".

중국인이에요. -> [중구기니에요]

It's similar to english. From "I want it.", want + it will be connected. it is prononced like "I wan tit."

But I think It's better just to see and listen, pronounce it.


  • 이름은 -> pronounce as [이르믄]
  • 한국어를 => [한구거를]
  • 언어 => [어너]
  • 좋아해요 => [조하해요]
  • 다음에 => [다으메]
  • 미국인이에요 => [미구기니에요]
  • 읽어요. => [일거요]

Test and Practice

You don't have to know the meanings now. Just try to pronounce them.

사람은 => [사라믄] 사람 = Human

이것이 => [이거시] 이것 = this

이것은 사람이 할 짓인가? = [이거슨 사라미 할 지신가?] this shouldn't be what human would do.

차 안에 => [차 아네] 차 안에 = in the car, 차 = car, ~안에 = in the ~

천원이 있어요 => [처눠니 이써요] There is 1000 Won. Won = south korea's currency

서랍 안에 만 원이 있어요 => [서라 바네 마 눠니 이써요] There is 10,000 Won in the drawer. 서랍 = drawer

별을 => [벼를] 별 star

이별을 했었다 => [이벼를 해썼다] 이별 = farewell, parting. A 했었다 = did A but now...

눈빛은 => [눈비츤] 눈빛 Literally, the gliter of one's eyes. It means expression in one's eye.

읽었어요 => [일거써요] read (past tense)

불안한 눈빛을 읽었어요 => [부라난 눈비츨 일거써요]... 불안 anxiety 불안한 => 부라난 is also a new pronunciation rule. You will learn about it later.

You can learn more about basic pronunciation rules from Korean from Zero


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