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Lesson5 도와주세요 Please help

Lesson5 help 도와요. please 해주세요

Test and Practice

  • A mom and a baby in a fire. You realize it now!
  • You know that it is not your duty or responsiblity. But...
    • you want to say "I will help you!"
      • (저는) (당신을) 도와줄게요!
  • Someone is helping your learning. It is not his duty or responsibilty. So...
    • you want to say. "Thank you for helping my learning"
    • for ~ing = ~(해)줘서
    • learning, studying = 공부
    • It's the hint for you. for helping ~ = ~를 도와줘서 
    • (저의) 공부를 도와줘서 (당신에게) 고마워요.
  • You are the mom of a baby. You are in a fire.
    • You want to say... "Please Help at least just only my babies!"
    • baby = 아기
    • ~만이라도 = at least just only ~
    • "제 아기만이라도 도와주세요!"
  • ​Then... If anyone didn't come, you may be in panic...
    • you will just say... Help!
    • "도와주세요!" or "도와줘요!"
  • a woman's husband always loves her. Of course, It is his duty. But he loves her much more than other husband. She can feel his love always fully. She is very happy for him.​
    • So she want to tell you that "He always loves me (beyond his duty)
    • husband = 남편 
    • always 항상
    • loves me = 저를 사랑해요 (it is true... but it can just be one's duty)
    • (제) 남편은 항상 저를 사랑해줘요. 


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